Vegetable Cooking Class

You've probably eaten a watery salad or mushy boiled vegetables at some point in your life. We all know that we're supposed to eat our veggies, but getting enough can be difficult when vegetables are usually unpalatable.

Hi! I'm Elaine Lin, a sophomore majoring in computer science and Food & Agriculture Club exec member. Earlier this semester, I taught a vegetable cooking class in the East Campus Talbot lounge to teach MIT students how to make vegetables actually taste good. You don't need a ton of fancy equipment or spices. Once you learn the basic techniques, you can cook anything!

If you're curious about what exactly we did, here's a handout with the recipes. More detailed step by step photos for many of the recipes can be found on my blog FoodParsed.
Set-up for the vegetable cooking class. Spices are salt, pepper, basil, cumin, and curry powder.
Rikhav chopping vegetables for coconut sweet potato curry
Cooking mushrooms and tomatoes for tomato mushroom stir fry
Stephanie stirring a dish
Ani stir frying zucchini
Vivian and Willy enjoying roasted vegetables
Enjoying the fruits of our labor: roasted carrots, roasted broccoli, and tomato eggplant