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The health revolution in fast food - Presentation by Clover CEO Ayur Muir

Fast food has traditionally been seen as posterchild for unhealthy eating habits with many large fast food chains coming under close scrutiny in the last years. In recent years however,  the industry has been re-invented with healthy fast food chains sprouting across major US urban areas. One particularly successful example has been Cambridge-based restaurant Clover. Starting off with a food truck at Kendall Square, the company has grown to 11 locations and employing 70 people in the last year. MIT graduate and CEO Ayur Muir will join us for a special presentation on the ingredients of Clover’s success,  general trends in healthy fast foods and the challenges that still have to be surmounted in the fast food business. In addition he will also focus on how Clover is overcoming the challenges of scaling up and sustaining operationally and what role technology will play in this.