Meet the 2016 Finalists

Thank you to all the teams that submitted applications for the first-ever Rabobank-MIT Food and Agribusiness Innovation Prize. Our judges selected nine teams from an incredibly diverse and inspiring set of applications. The teams were paired with mentors to refine their ideas and presented their business plans at the Award Ceremony on April 28th, 2016.

Congratulations to our finalists:

  • Safi Organics, a carbon-negative soil amendment product that helps rural small-holder farmers to improve their crop yields by up to 30%
  • Replacement of antibiotics in livestock feed with a cocktail of engineered microbes that will provide the same growth-promoting benefits without accelerating antibiotic resistance
  • Gomango develops networks of modular, intelligent, refrigerated boxes to move perishable goods affordably and efficiently in any truck or train
  • Ricult establishes a multi-sided mobile e-commerce platform that provides farmers direct access to financial instruments, logistics providers, input sellers, end buyers, and real time crop information
  • A cold-storage room that freezes an ice mixture for thermal storage so it can continuously cool even when electric grids are intermittent or only solar power is available
  • Plantae sensors that monitor plant growth and plant health in real-time; farmers get immediate feedback and can grow more produce with less resources
  • Self-fueled robotic hay harvesters as a low-cost alternative to hay baling
  • Public urban infrastructure for distribution, storage, and retail of local food
  • Edible dining utensils to replace the unsustainable, single-use, disposable cutlery currently supplied by fast food and take-out restaurants

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