Thank you for your interest in the
2019 Rabobank-MIT Food and Agribusiness Innovation Prize!

Here are the 2019 Finalists:

Bare Bear

  • making completely edible packaging for instant coffee and tea that dissolves upon water contact.


  • developing fully-automated, 24-hour vending machines assembling customized fresh ingredient meals for offices, schools, airports, and hospitals using healthy and inexpensive heating technology.

COZY Nutrition

  • produces hypoallergenic and easy to digest special milk for infants with tummy issues applying genetic based technologies, as well as provides a dairy-free, soy-free baby formula made with human breast milk proteins to mimic human breast milk.


  • provides end-to-end solution of storage, credit and selling to smallholder farmers, and empower them to access better price through digital platform.


  • leverages recent advances in computer vision, deep learning, and sensing to automate the detection and removal of weeds on farms, thereby significantly alleviating the labor shortage and reducing herbicide use.

Mosaic Sensors

  • is developing an affordable nutrient sensor to manage nitrogen and phosphorous application at the farm level and ultimately mitigate runoff that pollutes downstream waterways.


  • develops state-of-the-art technologies to achieve smart, sustainable aquaculture.